If you live in Wisconsin, this article will help you learn how to grow Dahlias outside your home! I live in southeastern Wisconsin, so I am in Zone 5.

Growing Dahlias can be a hard thing to do. It’s not impossible, though! If you live in the Midwest, a few things will help your chances of success with these flowers.

If you have a plan ready to go, you can safely plant your Dahlias in Spring and enjoy continuous bloom from mid-summer to the first fall frost. Here are my research-backed tips for how to grow Dahlias in Wisconsin.

Choosing the right types of dahlia flowers for your garden might be the hardest part. However, their many unique features make dahlias one of the most versatile flowers because there is a dahlia to suit any taste.

How to Care for Dahlias

Make sure to fertilize lightly during the mid-summer through late autumn to get the best flowers out of the plants. However, avoid over-fertilizing and fertilizer with high nitrogen content.

Overwintering and Replanting Dahlias in Wisconsin

If you don’t mind planting Dahlia’s as an annual, then overwintering isn’t necessary. Overwintering dahlias ensures the flowers you love will be there year after year.

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