How to Grow Lemons Indoors

Photo Credit: Etsy Seller

Indoor lemon trees can produce wonderful smelling flowers while they producing fruit.

Beginners Guide: Everything You Need to Know About How to Grow Lemons Indoors

Photo Credit: Etsy Seller

The most important thing when choosing a container is to make sure it has large unobstructed drainage holes. Lemon trees need excellent drainage for a happy life.

Select Your Lemon Tree and Container

Planting and Placing Your Lemon Tree

Your indoor lemon tree wants its soil to stay evenly moist, so using a potting mix designed for citrus trees will produce the best results.  This type of soil drains well while retaining the moisture needed.

Indoor Lemon  Tree Care

Watering:  Lemon trees like plenty of water. You want to keep the roots moist but never waterlogged. Fertilizing:  Fertilizing your indoor lemon tree regularly will be important for producing fruit and strong foliage.

Tips For Growing Lemons Indoors:

– Humidity is a friend of citrus plants. – Lemon trees like airflow (consistent with the air temp). – Your lemon tree needs powerful sunlight to be induced to bloom and have the strength to produce fruit. 8-12 hours is ideal.

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