How to Grow Pilea: Tips for Thriving Chinese Money Plants

Expert tips for how to grow pilea plants with proper soil, lighting, watering, and propagation techniques.

With their unique look, coin-shaped leaves, and ease of propagation, these easy-care houseplants are a must-have addition to any indoor garden!

There are several varieties of pilea plants to choose from, each with unique characteristics and growth habits.  Some popular options include Baby Tears, Friendship Plant, Artillery Fern, and Watermelon Pilea.

Choosing the  Right Pilea Variety

To grow a healthy pilea indoors, it’s essential to provide the right amount of light.  These plants thrive in bright indirect sunlight, which can be achieved with an eastern or western exposure.

Optimal Lighting Conditions for Pileas

For a flourishing pilea, keeping the soil’s moisture content in check is essential.  Overwatering can lead to root rot, yellow leaves, and black stems – all signs that your Chinese money plants are struggling.

Proper  Watering Techniques

To ensure even growth, it’s essential to rotate your pilea plant at least once a week as they tend to lean towards their light source.  This simple practice will help maintain the attractive appearance of your Chinese money plant.

Maintaining  Healthy Growth

With the right soil conditions, lighting requirements, watering routines, temperature preferences, and propagation techniques in mind, anyone can successfully grow these unique and beautiful plants.


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