Kibble is convenient to store and put into dog bowls, but most brands don’t have enough nutrients the way wet or raw food does. How do you improve it, then?

Here are some ways to excite your pup every mealtime:

Goat Milk

To ensure your pup gets proper nutrition, pour some raw goat milk into your dog bowl.

Meat And Eggs

Dogs love meat just like their wild wolf ancestors. If you can’t find raw goat milk, chunks of raw or lightly cooked meat will suffice.

Fruits And Vegetables

Like humans, dogs can do well with more greens in their diet. They’re natural omnivores and enjoy munching on some veggies from time to time.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a healthy and delicious addition to dog kibble. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for your pup.


Another alternative to goat milk mentioned earlier is yogurt. It’s inexpensive, rich in probiotics, and delicious to eat. Make sure to buy low or non-fat plain yogurt.

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