You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is an Air Plant?” Air Plants are houseplants that do not need soil to grow. Air plants can be grown on natural things like twigs, cacti, and stones.

Air plants also require some sunlight or artificial light sources for photosynthesis. The Air Plant Tillandsia Bulbosa is one of the most popular air plant species available today.

About the Air Plant Tillandsia

Air Plants are also known as Tillandsia which is the genus of air plants. Air plants can be easy to care for and do not require a lot of sunlight or water, making them ideal houseplants.

How to Water Air Plants

Air plants should be watered every week or two. You can do this by spraying them with a water bottle or dunking them in a bowl of water.

Watering air plants via misting

Every few days, spritz your air plants with water using a spray bottle or plant mister. After spritzing the entire plant, wrap it in a towel to dry for a few hours before returning it to its beautiful container or arrangement.

Is My Air Plant Getting Enough Water?

Leaf tips that turn brown or become crispy are signs of an under-watered air plant. Under-watering can cause the natural concave shape and appearance of the leaves to be more prominent.

How Much Light Do Air Plants Need?

Air plants thrive on bright but filtered light. A west, east, or south-facing window is ideal. My Air Plants do not receive enough natural light during the winter months, so I supplement with grow lights.

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