How to Make  Buttery Nipple Shot

If you’re a fan of butterscotch, you’re going to die for this Buttery Nipple Shot. Butterscotch schnapps pairs with Bailey’s for a shot packed with buttery, creamy flavor.

Why is it called Buttery Nipple?

The Buttery Nipple shot gained immense popularity in the ’80s during a time when other drinks with suggestive titles were highly consumed, such as the Sex on the Beach cocktail, Fuzzy Nipple shot, and Redheaded Slut Shot.



-  Butterscotch Schnapps -  Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur

Step 1

Measure out the schnapps and pour it into your designated shot glass.

Step 2

Holding the spoon over the glass, with the top of the spoon level with the liquid in the shot glass, pour the Bailey’s gently and very slowly over the spoon. Enjoy!

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