How to Make A Moss Pole for Your Houseplants

Learn how to easily make your moss pole for your houseplants!

Moss Pole Supplies

-  Sphagnum Moss -  Mesh, black plastic     poultry netting -  Plastic Plant Twists -  Wire Cutters or      Sharp Snips

1) Gather  the Materials:

-  Sphagnum Moss -  Mesh, black plastic    poultry netting -  Plastic Plant Twists -  Wire Cutters or      Sharp Snips

2) Soak the Sphagnum Moss:

Soak the sphagnum moss in water for approximately 20 minutes.  This will ensure it’s hydrated and ready to create a healthy environment for your plants.

3) Prepare  the Netting:

Unroll the netting and use wire cutters or sharp scissors to snip the netting to the proper circumference of your desired moss pole.  This step ensures a perfect fit for your plant’s needs.

4) Fill the Netting  with Moist Sphagnum Moss:

Fill the netting with the moistened sphagnum moss. Add a generous amount of moss to ensure a snug fit when closing the cylinder. Gently pack it down to create a firm support structure.

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