Dyeing Easter eggs with blackberries is a fun project for your entire family and the eggs will turn out so colorful!

Using blackberries to dye eggs is such a fun project because no egg will come out like the other!

Why Should You Naturally Dye Your Easter Eggs?

For one, store-bought dyes can often be harsh and full of chemicals that you may not want your family coming in contact with.

What can I do with all my naturally dyed Easter eggs?

– Use them as part of an Easter egg hunt. – Use them as part of a tablescape for your Easter dinner. – Make egg salad or spicy deviled eggs.

What You’ll Need to Dye Your Easter Eggs with Blackberries

– Eggs – Blackberries – Water – White Vinegar – A Pot – A Strainer – A Spoon for Stirring – A Fork or Potato Masher

Can I use other berries to dye my eggs?

Yes! Using berries to dye Easter eggs is a great idea! You can use blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to naturally dye your Easter eggs.

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