How To Propagate a Rubber Tree

Have the houseplant jungle of your dreams by learning to propagate!


•  Healthy Rubber tree •  Ziploc bag •  Rooting hormone •  Sharp pruning shears •  Small pot


Step: 1

Choose your stem and make a cut.

•  Pick a healthy-looking stem with lots of leaves and use your shears to cut about halfway up this stem. •  Cut at a slight angle, just above a leaf.

Step: 2

Pot your cutting.

• Here is where you’ll dip your cutting into the rooting hormone if you want to, and then place it carefully into your pot filled with dampened soil.

Step: 3

Show your plant baby some love

•  Cover your newly potted Rubber Tree with that large Ziploc bag and seal the bag about 90% of the way, leaving a small opening for airflow.

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