Learn How to Propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron in Water

Water propagation is a delicate procedure, and so is the process of taking cuttings from the long healthy vines of a Heart Leaf Philodendron.


•  Sterilized, sharp knife     or gardening scissors •  Chemical-free water •  Sterilized jars •  Marbles •  Hydrogen peroxide


Step: 1

Wear gloves and with a sharp, sterilized pair of garden scissors, snip a 3 to 6 inches long cutting with nodes from the base of a healthy Heart Leaf Philodendron plant.

Step: 2

Remove any excess foliage, then submerge two inches of the cutting with the node in a propagation jar filled with water.

Step: 3

Keep the cuttings indoors and away from direct sunlight while they establish. The regulated temperature of your home will promote healthy root development.

Step: 4

Change the water every week.

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