Hey houseplant friends! Did you know that you can enjoy growing new Monstera Deliciosa houseplant babies indoors all year long?

Propagating plants is a fun and inexpensive way to grow my houseplant collection! Plus! It is a fantastic way to share this super popular plant with my family and friends.

The Water Propagation Method for Monstera Deliciosa

Can you propagate Monstera deliciosa in water? Yes! And, I believe water propagation is the easiest way to propagate Monsteras!

How to Propagate Monstera in Water

Step 1: How to Take A Monstera Cutting

The propagation process is straightforward. First, use a sterilized, sharp knife, pruning scissors, or trimming shear to cut a mature leaf or stem from the parent plant.

Step 2: Fill Your Glass Vase with Water & Soak Your Cutting

Fill the glass vase halfway with clean water and place it in a room with indirect sunlight. Carefully position the stem cutting in the vase or jar, making sure the cutting remains upright.

Step 3: Refresh Your Cuttings

Rinse the cutting and supply the glass vase with fresh water once a week. You will start seeing new roots coming out from the nodes in about three to four weeks.

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