How to Save ZZ Plant from Root Rot: Comprehensive Care Guide

Discover our comprehensive guide on how to save ZZ plant from root rot, ensuring healthy roots and vibrant foliage for your beloved houseplant.

How to Identify  Root Rot in ZZ Plants

Your ZZ plant may be silently screaming for help, and the first SOS signals could be wilting leaves that turn soft.

If you notice your once vibrant ZZ plant starting to wilt or its leaves turning mushy, it’s time to do some detective work beneath the soil surface.

Recognizing Symptoms of Root Rot

Photo Courtesy of Mt Vernon Edu

Common  Causes for Root Rot

• Overwatering

• Inappropriate Soil Type

• Elevated Humidity Levels

• Pest Attacks & Pathogenic Infections

Treating  Infected ZZ Plants

When it comes to saving your beloved ZZ plant from root rot, the first step is repotting with fresh soil. • You’ll need a fresh potting mix that has been moistened a few hours before replanting.

Conclusion: How to Save ZZ Plant from Root Rot

1. Examine your ZZ plant’s roots and address any common causes like overwatering or poor drainage. 2. Treat ZZ plant root rot by repotting it in quality well-draining soil and safely discarding any infected parts from the root system.

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