Mastering Calathea Plant Care:

A Comprehensive Guide

Discover how to take care of your Calathea houseplant. We'll look at considerations for optimal light, soil, watering, and humidity.

Understanding Calathea Plants

Calathea plants are tropical treasures that love attention.  They come with their quirks, but nothing a little plant TLC won’t handle. 

Origin and Habitats

•  Native to tropical Americas, Calatheas are found in diverse habitats. •  They grow primarily in jungles and on riverbanks, where it’s warm, shaded, and humid.

Distinctive Features of Calatheas

•  Calathea plants are primarily loved for their foliage. •  They have beautiful, brightly colored leaves with fascinating patterns.

Species Variety

•  There are numerous Calatheas, each with a different leaf pattern and color. •  Calathea Ornata, Calathea Zebrina, and Calathea Orbifolia are some popular varieties due to their distinctive leaf patterns.


•  Calathea plants prefer their soil to be kept moist, especially from spring to autumn. •  Humidity is crucial for Calatheas. This can be provided by frequent misting, placing them on a tray of moist pebbles or using a humidifier.

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