Workout Exercises You Can Do in A Walking Boot Cast or Lower-Body Injury

Do you have an injury to your lower body? Combine these 20 exercises to improve your heart rate while still getting a good workout in a boot cast!

Core Exercises in a Walking Cast

1. Bicycle Crunches: Bicycle crunches will work your rectus abdominus, hips, and obliques.

2. Straight Arm or Forearm Plank (I rested my right leg with the boot cast on top of my other leg): This simple core exercise builds the abdominals and back muscles.

3. Leg Raises: Leg raises are an effective move to target your abs and build your core strength. Unlike crunches, leg raises target your lower stomach muscles.

4. Russian Twists w/ Medicine Ball: Not only do Russian Twists target the rectus abdominis. 5. Scissors: Scissors is an abdominal exercise that strengthens the transverse abdominals.

Mix and Match these exercises to get your heart rate going! This is a great way to work out still when you have a leg or ankle injury. And then, after your workout, rest and drink tons of water!

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