This monstera variety likes humidity and mild temperatures but it does require good care to thrive. However, if you follow these care instructions, it will keep its beauty for many years.

In this story, we’ll discuss how to take care of your Monstera Dubia so that it grows healthy and strong!

Well-draining soil is important because soggy soil is no better than overwatering, and that might cause the roots to start rotting over time.

Monstera Dubia Soil Needs

Monstera Dubia Light

Direct light can be very intense and may burn your plant, so it is important to find a nice spot for this tropical beauty that offers plenty of indirect sunlight.

If this plant is in a dry environment or gets too much sunlight (which causes dehydration), its leaves will start turning yellow and falling off.

Monstera Dubia Watering

Monstera Dubia Temperature

The best temperature for this plant would be between 15 and 25 degrees C, but letting the temperature drop below 15 may cause your plant to stop growing.

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