Useful Tips: How to Grow Mint in Your Kitchen

Growing mint indoors is incredibly easy! I 100% encourage growing mint garden indoors for the winter, or maybe even all year, by starting a windowsill herb garden!

Before Planting Mint Advice

Before planting mint, you should choose a location where indoor temperatures range between 65° and 70° degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55° to 60° degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Get The Necessary Supplies

You will need certain necessary supplies to grow mint indoors. Because the plant is invasive and spreads quickly, you should use wide, shallow containers with adequate drainage.

Try Growing Varieties of Mint

To increase the chances of success, you should plant different types of mint in your kitchen. This will allow you to enjoy the scents and flavors associated with each variety.

Provide Optimum Growing Conditions

The right growing conditions will promote vigorous plant growth and ensure the leaves taste great. For the mint to thrive, you should choose a location with indirect light.

Ensure Proper Planting and Care

Mint should be planted in fertile, well-draining soil. When growing mint from a stem cutting, take a five to six-inch cutting and pluck the leaves at the bottom.  Place the bottom end of the cutting in a jar of water and allow roots to form and grow.

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