Nuwave Air Purifier Review (2023): Analysis & Alternatives

Say goodbye to allergens and hello to a breath of fresh air with the Nuwave OxyPure ZERO.

Nuwave OxyPure® Zero Air Purifier Product Overview

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•  Introducing the Nuwave OxyPure® Zero, an ENERGY STAR-certified product that checks all the boxes for efficiency, performance, and sustainability.  •  With its superior ability to reduce carbon emissions, this appliance stands out as a green solution for indoor air purification.

Nuwave OxyPure ZERO Smart Air Purifier Product Features

•  Purify large areas with     ease. •  No More Replacement     Filters. •  Intertek lab certified. •  Dual 4-stage filtration. •  California Air Resource     Board Certified. •  Indoor air pollution     protection. •  Wifi Capabilities and     Mobile App.

•  The Nuwave Air Purifier is engineered with impressive aspects that cater to a variety of needs.

Detailed Features

Wide Coverage Area

•  Remarkably, the Nuwave Air Purifier covers a minimum generous area of 966 square feet, with its capabilities extending up to a maximum of 2002 square feet.

•  Bearing the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient certification, the Nuwave Air Purifier demonstrates an admirable ability to reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency

Affordable Pricing

•  The Nuwave Air Purifier is priced competitively at ~$300-350, offering great value.

•  UltraHEPA® filter for unbeatable purification: Enjoy the best air quality possible with our exclusive UltraHEPA® Filter.

AIRDOCTOR AD3500 Air Purifier

For Home and Large Rooms  (Up to 2,548 sq. ft NEW MODEL)

•  Breathe cleaner air with confidence: The PuroAir 400 purifies large rooms up to 2,145 sq ft using its revolutionary HEPA 14 filter.

PuroAir 400 

HEPA 14 Air Purifier  for Home Large Rooms

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