How to Save  a Peace Lily  from Dying

Peace Lily houseplants are an excellent way to brighten rooms and make your home feel more alive.

How to Save a Peace Lily from Dying

Common Conditions That Can Kill A Peace Lily: –  Overwatering –  Underwatering –  Too much fertilizer –   Fungal infections –   Root rot –   Pests

Determine the Problem

Watering Issues

Under-Watered:  Peace lilies will wilt dramatically when they require water. Over-Watered:  Excess water is arguably the number one cause that kills houseplants.

The typical water issues with Peace Lilly are underwatering and overwatering.

Fertilizing Issues

It is possible to under-fertilize or overfertilize Peace Lilies.

Over Fertilizing:  Excess fertilizers will lead to salt build-up, toxifying the soil and inhibiting proper root growth. Under-Fertilizing:  Under fertilization may not be a common issue for most plant parents because Peace Lilies are light feeders, but it does occur.

Lighting Issues

Most plants need sunlight to grow, but a few prefer low light conditions.

Too Much Light: Peace Lilies will also scorch quickly in direct sunlight. Too Little Light:  The common symptoms of too little light are yellow or brown leaves, no flowers, small leaves, and very slow growth.

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