Golden Pothos: Plants Poisonous to Cats

Golden Pothos is considered to be harmful and can produce a lot of pain and sometimes serious toxic side effects in animals and people.

The golden pothos is one of those household plants that cat owners should keep out of reach from their beloved pets as it’s poisonous to cats.

What is Golden Pothos?

Common Names: Pothos, also sometimes called devil’s ivy, golden pothos, or hunter’s rove is one of the most popular house plants in North America. 

The golden pothos contains raphides and calcium oxalate crystals which make it poisonous to cats if ingested.

Why is Golden Pothos Poisonous to Cats?

Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity?

Following symptoms:  Drooling, stomach pain, swelling of the mouth, scratching at the mouth area, signs of irritation of the mouth, vomiting, trouble swallowing, and intense burning in its mouth.

Your cat’s stomach may need to be washed out via a gastric lavage procedure, and your cat may be given fluid therapy to reduce dehydration.

Golden Pothos Ingestion Treatment

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