Why is My Prayer Plant Turning Yellow? Causes and Solutions

Find out why your prayer plant is turning yellow, explore common causes like sunlight exposure, and watering issues, and learn solutions to revive your plant.

If you’re looking for answers to why your prayer plant is turning yellow, this guide will explain the potential causes and provide steps to fix them.

Excess  Sunlight Exposure

One common reason for prayer plant leaves turning yellow is too much direct sunlight exposure.  These plants thrive in bright but indirect light, so moving them 3 to 5 feet away from windows can help prevent leaf discoloration and promote healthy growth.

Identifying Signs of Sunburn on Prayer Plant Leaves

If your prayer plant’s leaves have started to turn yellow or brown with crispy edges, it could be a sign of sun scorching.  The best way to avoid this issue is by providing the right amount of indirect light.

Improper Watering Techniques and Poor Drainage

Overwatering or using a poorly draining potting mix can lead to root rot, which causes yellowing leaves, among other issues.  Ensuring proper water drainage by switching pots with better drainage holes or using a well-draining potting mix like one containing sand and peat moss will keep your prayer plant healthy.

Maintaining Ideal Temperature and Humidity Levels

Prayer plants thrive in warm temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity levels.  Investing in a humidifier or misting your plants regularly helps maintain these ideal conditions while deterring dust accumulation as well as pests that could harm your beloved houseplant.

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