5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Keep reading this article to discover five ways you can help ensure that your home is prepared for the harsh elements of winter!

Invest in an Efficient Heating System

•  Preparing your home for winter doesn’t have to be cold and daunting. •  Investing in an efficient heating system, such as a radiator, is key to getting ahead this winter.

Weatherize Windows & Doors

•  By using caulk to seal those drafty cracks, adding insulation behind sockets or switchplates, or replacing old exterior doors and windows with more energy-efficient models, you can block winter air from entering your home while keeping the temperature consistent throughout the house.

Clean Gutters  & Downspouts

• Keep your home warm and reduce water damage during winter by scheduling a gutter and downspout cleaning as part of your annual pre-winter preparations. Get ahead of Mother Nature this year!

Stock Up  on Supplies

•  Protecting your home starts with ensuring you’re prepared with the right supplies.  •  Get ready for the icy season with a stockpile of warm blankets, firewood, food, and water to last you through until spring.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

•  When winter comes around, your outdoor furniture will be among the first items to bear the brunt of it.  •  Make sure to give your furniture some pre-winter TLC by covering them up in weatherproof material.

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