Safe Houseplants for Pets: 6 Tips for Living Harmoniously with Pets and Houseplants

Yes! If you are both a pet parent and a plant parent, you can successfully live with houseplants and pets.

Here are some tips to follow for living harmoniously with pets and houseplants.

Here are a few Non-Toxic Houseplants for Pets:

-  African violet -  American rubber plant -  Bamboo palm -  Boston fern -  Bromeliads -  Cast iron plant -  Christmas cactus -  Feather palm

Hanging the plants will not only ensure physical separation but also add a stylish look to your home.  Consider using wall mounts or hanging the plants from the ceiling.

Hang Your Houseplants

To avoid such issues, you should train your pets to ignore the plants.  Whenever they approach any of the plants, shout “No” to get their attention.

Teach Your Pets  to Ignore the Plants

Having a protective barrier around your houseplants is a simple but effective way to ensure your pets and plants coexist peacefully.  Placing the plants in a glass container or box will help keep them safe while allowing them to thrive.

Protect Your Plants

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