Many rescue dogs can be very timid and stressed out when around other people and animals, whether puppies or adult dogs.

They tend to have trouble adjusting, and as their owner, it is your responsibility to step in and help socialize your furry friend in the best manner possible so that it can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Socializing your dog means getting it used to be around other people and animals in different places. This will make them confident as they grow up, which will make training easier.

Setting Expectations

Your ultimate goal should be providing for your pup and allowing it to feel safe and secure when with you, and then you can work to slowly socialize it with other people, animals, sights, and sounds around you.

Learn to Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Socializing a rescue dog with unfamiliar sights and sounds is a process, and you need to let the dog be the one to set the pace. Gradually and slowly introduce your dog while exploring for any signs of discomfort or fear.

Start With Short Interactions

Keep your initial introductions brief since new experiences or individuals may be overwhelming. Remember: They’re getting used to their new living circumstances with you and acclimating to their surroundings.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Providing the best incentives and rewards like treats, toys, and pats on the head can go a long way for your pup to understand that these are all positive experiences.

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