Are you having problems with your Monstera plant? Don’t fret too much! These tips can easily solve common Monstera plant problems with a little guidance and time.

The Most Common Monstera Problems

– Over-watered – Under-watered – Sunburnt – Experiencing prolonged low humidity levels – Improperly or over-fertilized – Infested with insects and/or pests

My Solutions to 6 Common Monstera Houseplant Problems

I  have some simple solutions to common monstera problems that will help you grow the happiest houseplant around.

1. Help! Why Are My Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yellow leaves can also indicate that your Monstera needs to be fertilized. I recommend only fertilizing your plant during the Spring or Summer.

2. Help! Why Are My Monstera Leaves, Turning Black?

Black Monstera leaves are usually caused by root rot, which is a sign of overwatering. To fix this issue, you’ll need to take your plant out of its pot and cut away any mushy or darker roots than the others.

3. Help! Why Do My Monstera Leaves Have Black Splotches with Yellow Rings?

Black splotches with a yellow ring or “halo” indicate that your Monstera has a fungus. Remove the spotted leaves and make sure the remaining leaves stay dry. You will want to cut off the affected stems to prevent spreading.

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