I know you’re all wondering what the deal is with these gardens gnomes. They’ve been around for centuries. But do you know why?

What is the point of putting garden gnomes in your garden? Why not just plant flowers instead? Gnomes, those cute little figurines, are found in a lot of gardens, especially in Europe.

The History of Garden Statues

Gnome enthusiasts claim that these statuettes add color to otherwise bland yard spaces, bring more amusement than annoyance into the lives of passersby, and provide an odd yet cherished conversation starter with neighbors or visitors alike.

Disneyfied gnomes, including ones that recall Snow White, are popular. Since the 1970s, novelty gnomes, modeled after politicians and celebrities, have become popular.

Why Gnomes?

In folklore, gnomes, which may mean “earth dweller,” were a kind of fairy that lived underground and guarded treasure.

Gnomes are still considered lucky in many ways, if not protective. While most people who have them would deny being that superstitious, there’s no hiding that some people are that superstitious.

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