Any pet parent who knows about skin cancer in pets would panic on discovering a lump or bump on their fur baby’s skin. But, it does not automatically mean your fur baby has cancer.

Therefore, one should regularly trim their dog’s fur with dog clippers and check for skin lumps and bumps. If you spot any, you should take it seriously and take action.


Lipomas are fatty growths that appear as soft lumps of flesh underneath the skin. They are the most prevalent benign dog skin tumors.


Abscesses are lumps that appear like swellings containing pus. They develop due to an infection caused by insect bites, animal bites, or other skin breaches.

Histiocytomas or button tumors

Button tumors look like red button-like lumps on the limbs. Although they are harmless and disappear quickly, button tumors look similar to some cancerous lumps.

Sebaceous adenomas

Sebaceous glands are small, oil-producing glands found in the skin of mammals. If sebaceous glands are blocked, the dog could develop multiple wart-like swellings.

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