3 Tips For Trimming Trees Safely

Trimming benefits trees as much as plants, but how going about it differs for both.  Check out our article on ensuring tree trimming doesn’t cause any harm.

Identify Possible Risks

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) tree-trimming manual for the landscaping industry defines three significant safety risks during tree trimming.ElectrocutionFall injuryStruck by branch

Assuming you’re a do-it-yourselfer reading this, you’ll need more than just the bare minimum of equipment. An equipment checklist should contain the following: – Climbing gear – Cutting tools – Protective equipment – First aid kit

Be Fully Equipped

Use the three-cut method

– The first is an undercut at least eight inches from the branch collar. – The second is above but slightly to the left of the undercut. – The third is straight down the section adjacent to the branch collar.

There’s no question that trees benefit from good trimming as much as plants. However, trimming that comes at the cost of a nasty shock or fall isn’t worth the effort.


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