What Plants Repel Mosquitoes? 5 Plants Your Garden Needs

Did you know you can plant lavender, Marigold flowers, Citronella grass, and catmint to naturally repel Mosquitoes?

Keep reading to discover how these plants can naturally enhance your living space and keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay.


The lavender is a formidable foe against pesky mosquitoes due to the potent essential oils it contains.  These oils confuse mosquitoes by masking the scents that they find attractive, essentially hindering their ability to locate us.

Marigold Flowers

Their inherent aroma, which comes from an ingredient called pyrethrum, is a common element in insect repellents, proving its efficacy in keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Citronella Grass

When grown in its natural form, citronella grass releases an unmistakable aroma that effectively masks other attractants to mosquitoes, providing a protective shield for nearby spaces.


Research has shown that catmint is potentially more effective than DEET, one of the most common chemicals in bug sprays. The variety offers a sprawling coverage of soft, lavender-blue flowers, which not only makes it visually appealing but provides a steady fortress against mosquito invasions.


With the information provided, it’s clear that selecting the right plants to repel mosquitoes can be both effective and add charm to your living space.

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