When to Pick Strawberries: Ultimate Guide for Gardeners

Picking strawberries at the right time is crucial to ensure they are juicy, ripe, and bursting with flavor.

Here are some indicators to help you determine when to harvest your strawberries:

Look for fully ripe strawberries that have turned a vibrant red color all over, including the tips.  Avoid picking strawberries that are still partially green or white as they are not fully ripe and may lack sweetness.


Gently touch the strawberries to assess their texture.  Ripe strawberries should be firm but not too hard.  They should also have a slight give when gently pressed, indicating that they are juicy and ready to be enjoyed.


Take a whiff of the strawberries.  Ripe strawberries emit a sweet and fragrant aroma, indicating that they are at their peak flavor.  If the strawberries lack a strong aroma, they may not be fully ripe yet.


The ultimate test is, of course, tasting the strawberries.  Pick a fully red strawberry, remove the stem, and take a bite.  Ripe strawberries should be sweet, flavorful, and have a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth quality.

Taste Test:

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