Why Are My Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Turning Brown?

Discovering brown leaves on your beloved fiddle leaf fig plant can be a real bummer. It can be disheartening when you don’t understand why your leaves are turning brown, and it can lead to some frustration.

The good news is that there are generally only four main culprits for your fiddle leaf fig leaves to turn brown. Don’t worry; chances are good that we’ll be able to fix your plant from yellowing and turning brown and get it back to its old happy green self!

Root Rot

Once your roots are infected, they can turn brown and mushy and unable to transport nutrients to the rest of the plant. Hence, the leaves turn brown due to a lack of nutrients.

Bacterial Infection

When the problem is a bacterial infection, the entire leaf will begin to turn yellow as the brown spots spread.


The leaves will turn a tan color and start at the edge of the leaf. The leaf will begin to curl, and the entire plant can look noticeably dry and wilted.

Insect Damage

The telltale sign of insect damage is very small, dark red or brown spots that will then turn into holes in the leaves.  Take a close look at the plant and see if you can observe any small insects.

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