Quick and Easy Houseplant Winter Survival Guide

Don't let your houseplants die this winter. Check out my winter indoor plant care tips.

Pay Attention to Temperature and Humidity Levels

Rapid temperature fluctuations can hurt your plants, so place them away from heat sources and areas that are cold and drafty.

Most houseplants need to be pruned in late winter or early spring, as their growing season begins.  Flowering houseplants can be pruned after they are done flowering.

Choose the Right Time to Prune Your Houseplants

Provide Additional Lighting for Your Houseplant this Winter

Most plants don’t get enough sunlight in the winter to thrive.  Adding fluorescent or LED lights to the area where you keep your plants can give them the added light they need while also brightening up your living space.

Limit Watering

Although the air is drier in winter, your houseplants will actually need less water.  They tend to grow slower in winter, and some plants even go dormant.

Avoid Fertilizing or Repotting Your Houseplants in Winter

Most plants won’t need any, as a matter of fact. It’s also a good idea to avoid repotting your houseplants during the winter.  Repotting is difficult for plants, and it’s best to do this when they are strongest in the spring.

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