Why Customer Trust is Vital For Entrepreneurs


Having the trust of your customers is an essential component of success for businesses great and small. However, it is arguably especially important for solopreneurs and small businesses, as without this trust, you often, may not thing you can compete with the more prominent companies.

There are ways for small companies to build significant trust, though, and here are some of my ideas…

Be Active and Visible Online

A lot of people are used to dealing with faceless corporations. When they think of the big brands, such as McDonald’s or Walmart, they don’t see the CEO, but instead the logo. As a small business owner, it’s up to you to break this mold. You will still need a logo, of course, but you should also put yourself out there. 

You can do this by being active online.

I have found that engaging with my customers, monitoring trends, and testing various hashtags are all ways to “use” social platforms instead of just “being on them.”

I am not suggesting you need to put your two cents into everything, but it’s always reassuring for your customers that they are dealing with a real person, rather than a paid social media intern or even worse, a bot. 


Use Excellent Network Security

Online commerce has made it easier than ever to find what you need without ever needing to leave the house. However, with these online orders, your customers will need to input delicate bank details and information, and this can make people, especially those not used to online shopping, feel uneasy. 

You can help to put their mind at ease by investing in top-quality network security and guarantee all sensitive data is safe and secure. To find out the best to do so, visit Spectrumwise and learn more about the ins and outs of what makes a dependable network security service and why it’s vital for building trust in your business. 


Deliver Superb Customer Service

It goes without saying that you should deliver fantastic customer service. To be fair to small businesses, this is arguably something that they do better than large corporations because we can provide a high-touch-high-value customer service that allows us to have stronger human interaction with our clients. 

However, just because there’s such a reputation doesn’t mean you can slack on this front. 

Superb customer service is more than merely adhering to the customer’s every whim. I love going all out, above, and beyond. I enjoy going the extra mile to ensure your customers have a fantastic experience while still setting and maintaining professional boundaries. I will offer assistance if they request it, and give them space to learn and grow on their own so as not to be overbearing. I am flexible, but also know not to break my back. 


Make Sure You Are Transparent

Transparency is something that you often don’t get from large businesses, or if you do, this transparency only comes through after careful micromanagement down through the departments.

As an entrepreneur, you can make sure you provide transparency every step of the way. 

If orders are slow, tell your customers why. If you are experiencing issues with your websites, tell people. If you are going to be limiting your hours, inform them.

It can be frustrating and sometimes tedious, but customers will trust you if they feel you are honest with them. I am more often than not consistently in over-communicating and confirming details with my clients.


Building Trust, Building Relationships

Trustworthiness can take years to build, but it often only takes one mistake to ruin such trust. By learning exactly how to develop and nurture this trust, you can look forward to many years of loyal customers and maintain excellent relationships that will benefit both of you. 

My clients are some of my favorite people in the world, and I am so thankful to have a career that brought us together. 

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