22 Homemade Dog Treats E-Book

Question for you…

What if you could be the world’s best dog parent?

Well! By making healthy homemade drool-worthy dog treats, you’re well on your way to winning “Best Of Show” Dog Parent!

Can you imagine…

Imagine feeling 100% confident about what you’re feeding your dog and know that a billion “Thank You” doggy kisses are coming your way!

If you want to learn how to to make healthy drool-worthy dog treats, I have something just for you…

22 Homemade Dog Treats: Easy to Make Drool-Worthy Dog Treat Recipes *Kenzo & Vík Approved

Here’s what people are saying about 22 Homemade Dog Treats:

I really love how these are so unique like I’ve never seen something like this on Pinterest or anything and I’ve made a lot of treat recipes!!

Super, nothing could be simpler my dog ​​loves them!

They turned out really well and she loves them! Thanks for the recipes!

In my e-book you’ll learn how to make 22 delicious dog treats that…

✔ Satisfy your dog’s sweet and savory cravings

✔ Supply your dog with a healthy dose of energy

✔ Are perfect for snacking, training, or for celebrating your dog’s birthday!


✔ Will award you “Best In Show” Dog Parent!

What makes 22 Homemade Dog Treats different from other dog treat cookbooks?

My recipes are unique and take into account all flavor preferences and diet restrictions. My recipes are straightforward, healthy, and safe for dogs.

Are you ready to start making delicious homemade dog treats?


Ready for an epic bonus?!

In addition to everything inside of 22 Homemade Dog Treats, I’m also going to throw in bonuses to give you a kickstart to winning “Best In Show” Dog Parent!

All books purchased before January 28, 2021, will receive TWO FREE dog treat molds!! Just simply send me an email with your order # and address and I will ship the molds directly to you!

22 Homemade Dog Treats Cookbook

Why did I create 22 Homemade Dog Treats?

I’ve been a dog lover my entire life. When I was a kid, my mom would have to sew patches on my jeans because I would get holes in them from crawling around pretending I was a dog.

I would get scolded at the breakfast table for trying to eat my cereal like a dog. â 

But, everyone was always quite amused that I was flexible enough to reach my foot to the side of my head to “scratch myself like a dog.”

â If you were at my wedding, you probably remember several hilarious stories that made it into the ceremony (officiated by my uncle). Then my Dad’s speech at dinner, my sister’s speech at dinner, AND Caleb’s brother’s speech at dinner about me make-believing I was a dog as a kid.â â €â €

â Don’t worry… I no longer crawl around on all fours or bark at strangers, but my insane amount of love for dogs still remains the same.

I wanted to create a book that could help me treat my dogs in a way that I feel really good about. I love knowing exactly what my dogs are eating, and I love making homemade special treats for them. I am so proud of this book and am so appreciative to my husband for helping my dream become a reality.

I’ve made larger versions of these homemade treats for their birthday cakes, and it works out great! I never have any fear of my dogs getting sick after their birthday party.

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  • Can I make these treats if my dog has allergies? Yes, I have substitutions for all diet restrictions and/or taste preferences.
  • How long does each treat recipe take? Most treats take ~30 minutes!
  • Are the recipes hard to make? To my husband, my kitchen skills are sometimes a nightmare, but to my dogs, I’m the world’s best chef! Even if you’ve never baked a thing in your life you can make these homemade dog treat recipes – what are you waiting for!?
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