Most Popular YouTube Animal Videos of the Decade


What does a Screaming Goat, a Grumpy Cat, and Sneezing Panda have in common? They all made it onto my list of the 10 Most Popular Animal Videos of the Decade!

During the last decade, animal videos have become so popular! From dogs and cats, to more exotic animals like kangaroos and pandas, these 10 animal videos from this decade are sure to put a smile on your face.

What’s your favorite? I love the sneezing panda.

1. Maymo and Penny

These beagles are so silly and their videos were viewed the most in 2018. The Dog’s Epic Shopping Cart Voyage was their most popular video and is so cute to watch.

2. Ultimate Dog Tease

This video from 2011 was such a hit. The Ultimate Dog Tease featured a playful pup who appears to be talking hoping for a special treat!

3. Sneezing Baby Panda

Have you ever seen a baby panda sneeze? Check out this video from 2016 for a giggle and all the feels for a baby panda and its mommy.

4. Cat on a Roomba

Cats are always entertaining. This cat wearing a shark costume riding around on a roomba will surely make you laugh. The video from 2013 was shared during shark week and made the rounds to all those interested in cat videos and shark week.

5. Red Pandas

In 2015, red pandas played around in the snow. At the Cincinnati Zoo, these pandas were having a blast and could not be happier.

I’ve watched this video so many times, it’s one of my favorite things to randomly stumble upon when I am scrolling aimlessly through Instagram.

6. The Original Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) has been a favorite for a long time! In 2012, the grumpy cat made her debut with her original sour puss face! Unfortunately, she passed away in 2017. 

7. The Screaming Sheep

2012 brought us great animal videos! The screaming sheep had everyone giggling and turning it into a meme of how they react to unexpected things!

Here is a funny story about this video: when I re-met Caleb in Colorado, he shared this video with me.

8. Roger the Kangaroo

The strong man-kangaroo Roger gained popularity for crushing buckets. He was so strong and looked buff guy. The 2017 videos of Roger are some of the most popular and goofiest videos I’ve ever seen.

9. OMG Cat

OMG Cat from 2010- this cat is a crack up! Look at that face!! Who knew that a cat could ever look so surprised?

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