12 Must-Have Fun Pool Floaties

It’s a well-known fact that adding a fun floatie makes any pool day better!

Trust me. I know a good pool day! I’m not a huge swimmer, but I love relaxing in a fun pool float. I had a blast rounding up these 10 Must-Have Pool Floaties that are guaranteed to make every pool day the “best pool day ever!”

I remember loving all of the big floaties my Aunt Pam and Uncle Bernie always had in their pool! We would always have to take turns on the giant orca one. I loved it so much!

Anyways, … If you are lucky enough to have access to a pool, I recommend treating yourself by bringing along one of these just plain fun pool floats!

12 Must-Have Big Pool Floaties

1) Strawberry & Chocolate Sprinkled Donut Floaties (Under $20)


2) Giant Ramen Pool Floatie “Just Add Water” (Just Under $30)

I mean really, is there any better way to make an impression than by lounging atop ramen noodles?

ramen pool floatie


3) Realistic Sea Turtle (On Sale for $54) 

4) Sprinkle Cupcake Float (On Sale $47)

sprinkle cupcake


5) Popsicle Pool Float (On Sale $24)


6) Gummy Bear Pool Floatie (On Sale $37)

gummy bear pool float

7) Watermelon Slice Pool Float ($30)


8) Star War Millennium Falcon ($34)


9) Orange Tangerine Pool Float (~ $60)


10) Huge Flintstone Car Pool Floatie (~$150)

11) Vintage Cassette Tape Pool Float ( ~$50)


12) Avocado Pool Floatie ($22)

pool floats

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