4 Dog-Friendly Balcony Ideas


Is your balcony safe for your dog?

Most humans understand that balconies offer significant benefits. From creating an elevated place to catch some sun to a private spot to dine al fresco balconies bring us joy. It would only make sense that our fur friends also see the upside of having a balcony. If you have a dog, check out the ideas below for how to turn your balcony into a dog-safe outside oasis.

4 Dog-Friendly Balcony Ideas

Ensure the Railing is Safe & Stylish & Suitable

First, you will of course want to make sure your balcony is a safe and secure place for your dog to hang out. Since balconies are elevated, it’s crucial to keep your dog from potentially suffering a fall. Ensure that the railing is a suitable height and that your dog cannot fit through or underneath it.


Add Comfy Flooring

If your dog will be hanging out on the floor, it’s beneficial to install tiles to keep your dog cool or comfy turf. Particularly if you live in a city, turf is a great option as your dog may not have access to a lot of greenery. However, you’ll want to make sure that your dog understands that the faux grass is for hanging out on and not peeing on.

Make Sure All Your Balcony Plants Are Non-Toxic

In addition to making sure your dog is secure on your balcony, you’ll want to ensure that any plants you include aren’t toxic to pets. Common plants that are safe for dogs, include spider plants, Boston ferns, and venus fly traps.

Choose Furniture You’re Willing to Share

Let’s face it, even if your dog likes to spend time on the floor, they will also want to spend some time cuddling. Add furniture to your balcony that is durable enough for them and easy to clean. Zip-off covers are a great option as they can easily be removed and thrown in the wash or replaced.

For more dog-friendly balcony ideas check out the visual below from Apartment Guide.


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