5 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair


Finding a good vacuum specifically for dog owners (or any pet owner) can be "ruff."

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I’ve rounded up the 5 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair, according to our purchases & Amazon reviews, because I hate seeing tumbleweeds of dog hair floating across the floor.

Pet hair is a pain in the butt, but if you have a quality, high-suction, long-lasting vacuum, it is relatively painless to keep your home fur-free.

I named our blog House Fur because I live in a house full of furry animals; our two dogs and two cats. I vacuum every other day (depending on seasonal shedding patterns).

It took purchasing four vacuums before I finally purchased one that I am insanely in love with & have had no problems or complaints! My 4th purchase, our current void, is the Dyson Cordless Vacuum, which I have been delighted with for the past 2.5 years. I believe it is (currently) the best vacuum on the market for pet hair.

I have recommended this Dyson vacuum to so many of our friends, and they all had the same great remarks; it is life-changing when you have a vacuum with strong suction, not too heavy, and is easy to maneuver.

akita in grass

These vacuums made it on my list for these reasons:

  • quality suction
  • overall good reviews, few complaints from customers
  • no clogging in the hose or roller brush
  • lightweight & easy to maneuver
  • reasonably priced for the quality

These are my top picks:

1) Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson cordless vacuum has twice the suction of any cordless vacuum. Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home – Dyson vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria, engineered for whole-home, deep cleaning. Suction power, run time, and tools designed to deep clean your whole home. Intelligently optimizes suction and run time across all floor types.

2) MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum is great. This vacuum is just as powerful as some more expensive options but won’t break the bank. It’s also lightweight and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a cordless vacuum that doesn’t weigh them down.

3) Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

Check out the Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum for a more powerful option. This vacuum is perfect for homes with multiple pets or large carpet areas. It’s also equipped with a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens, making it an excellent choice for people with allergies or asthma.

4) BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Vacuum

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum that can do it all, the BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Vacuum is a great choice. This vacuum is powerful enough to tackle pet hair and comes with a detachable hand vac to clean up small messes. It’s also equipped with LED lights to help you see under furniture and into dark corners.

5) BLACK+DECKER Power series Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets

Finally, the BLACK+DECKER Power series Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a powerful cordless vacuum without all the bells and whistles. This vacuum is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for busy pet owners. It’s also equipped with a pet hairbrush to help remove stubborn pet hair from upholstery and carpet.

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  1. When comparing canister vs upright vacuums, you’d know the difference! The main difference is in comfort and mobility. Canister vacuums are easier to move but harder to store.

  2. Yeah ma purely need this type of vaccum cleaner for my pet
    Thank you so much you made my day
    Its according to my need now days

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