Are You Satisfied With Your Job?


Be honest with yourself; are you satisfied with your job?

Be honest with yourself; are you satisfied with your job?

I know I am, but are you?

Do you dread waking up and heading into work? Do you catch yourself day-dreaming at your desk wanting something different?

My first year post graduating college I worked full-time in Washington DC doing e-commerce photography for high-end fashion companies. I had my photography business on the side, but it was hard to grow because I was working full-time at Skye.

The hours were brutal, the commute was obnoxious, my manager wasn’t approachable, there wasn’t room to grow or take on more responsibilities, the benefits were lacking, and the salary pay wasn’t exactly something to toot my own horn about.

I wanted more. I just wasn’t happy.

Quitting my full-time job and committing only to Studio 29 was the best decision for my sanity, income, health, and happiness.

are you satisfied with your job?

I had coffee with a friend this week and one of the topics we talk about frequently is her career and where it is going and frankly, she is ready for a change and I am so proud of her.

Job satisfaction is one of the key factors in living a fulfilling and meaningful life, but it’s also something that many people overlook in favor of high salaries and benefits.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most effective way to live life and can introduce a lot of problems, such as overall work-related stress and a lack of real motivation to get anything done.

A lot of people can live like this and will be content because they’re providing for their families, but there’s no reason why you have to be frustrated while pushing yourself at work every single day.

When it comes to job satisfaction, there are countless different factors that will change the way you feel about your job. Whether it’s taking on a more active role in the workplace or even switching your career path, there are a number of ways to be more satisfied with every aspect of your working environment.


I am happy and thriving because I am in love with my job and I wish that for everyone.


Below, I’ve included a great infographic on the importance of job satisfaction in today’s workforce.

Hopefully, it’ll give you a better understanding of why you should focus on job satisfaction and why you shouldn’t be content with just a high salary and benefits.


Infographic: University of Southern California

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