The Benefits of Beekeeping: Therapeutic and Environmental


Explore the benefits of beekeeping from improving mental wellbeing to enhancing ecosystems, and discover how urban beekeeping can contribute positively.

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“Busy as a bee” takes on new meaning when you discover the benefits of beekeeping. It’s not just about collecting honey but also about contributing to nature and your mental well-being.

You’ll explore the critical job and benefits of beekeeping that is carried out in our environment, including pollination and its effects on what we eat. Beyond honey production, did you know that beeswax has significant economic value in the skincare industry?

Last but not least, we’ll explore therapeutic aspects associated with beekeeping – yes, keeping bees can improve your mental health too!

woman smiling holding the top of flow hive
I am so happy whenever I get to take the lid off and inspect my bees!

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The Buzz About Bees: Their Crucial Role in Ecosystems

Bees are the unsung heroes of the ecosystem, keeping our food supply running smoothly.

These buzzing critters are critical for pollinating fruits, veggies, and nuts, making them more indispensable than you may imagine.

Pollination: Not Just Pretty Flowers, But Our Food Supply

Pollination isn’t just about pretty flowers; it directly impacts our food supply.

In fact, BBC reports show that 75% of crops we eat depend on pollinators like bees.

Wild Bees in Decline: A Buzzkill for Ecosystems

Sadly, the numbers of wild bee populations have been dropping due to habitat destruction and climate alteration.

This decrease threatens our ecosystem and puts agricultural production at risk worldwide.

Urban Beekeeping: A Sweet Solution

Urban beekeeping is emerging as a promising solution to combat this issue and boost local plant health.

Research published by PLOS ONE suggests that city dwellers can contribute to biodiversity through urban apiculture practices (that’s fancy talk for keeping bees.).

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Products Yielded from Beekeeping

Beekeeping isn’t just about the bees; it’s also about the awesome stuff they make. Let’s dive into these sweet rewards.

The Economic Value Of Beeswax In the Skincare Industry

Beeswax is an in-demand component of the skincare sector, frequently employed in lotions and lip balms for its moisturizing properties.

Beeswax helps lock in moisture, making it a go-to ingredient for cosmetic companies.

The Delightful Reward Of Raw Honey

Now, let’s talk about honey – the sweetest reward of all. It is scrumptious, and its antioxidant content also helps promote health and wellness.

Medical News Today says raw honey contains antioxidants to boost your overall well-being.

And guess what? A single hive can produce between 20 and 60 pounds of honey annually. That’s a whole lot of sticky goodness.

closeup of honeycomb

Honey Harvesting Tips For Beginners

  • Ensure you have all the necessary beekeeping supplies, like protective clothing and smokers, to keep those bees calm.
  • To collect honey without harming the bees or their comb, use specialized tools like uncapping forks or heated knives.
  • Wondering when to start harvesting? The best time is late summer or early fall, when most nectar flows have ended and the cells are capped off.

Therapeutic Aspects Associated with Beekeeping

Beekeeping has been observed to have therapeutic aspects, offering a unique way for individuals dealing with mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression to find comfort amidst nature’s rhythms.

Veterans, in particular, have found solace through programs such as Heroes To Hives, where they’re taught mindfulness techniques alongside practical skills over the course of nine months.

This program provides therapeutic benefits and equips veterans with the knowledge and skills necessary to potentially open doors toward running their own beekeeping businesses.

Harvard researchers concur that spending time in natural environments can benefit mental health, leading to less activation of the prefrontal cortex – an area responsible for repetitive thoughts leading to negative feelings.

The connection between veterans’ wellbeing and apiary activities isn’t new; following World War I, similar initiatives were launched by the US government, teaching returning soldiers how to keep bees.

Mindfulness Techniques And Practical Skills Taught Through Programs Like Heroes To Hives

Apart from hands-on training in managing hives, these programs focus on cultivating mindfulness techniques that help manage stress levels effectively, providing participants with the tools needed for successful beekeeping ventures at home or commercially, if desired.

Anecdotal Accounts Suggest Positive Impact On Those Involved

While scientific evidence linking PTSD treatment success currently remains scarce, anecdotal accounts suggest a positive impact on those involved, with many participants reporting reduced symptoms of PTSD after engaging in regular beekeeping activities.

 Apimondia Foundation’s research on veteran rehabilitation through apiculture presents some compelling case studies supporting this claim.

Key Takeaway: 

Beekeeping has therapeutic benefits for individuals dealing with mental health issues, particularly veterans. Programs like Heroes To Hives teach mindfulness techniques and practical skills to help manage stress levels and potentially open doors towards running beekeeping businesses.

FAQs About the Benefits of Bee Keeping

Does beekeeping improve mental well-being and have health benefits?

Yes, beekeeping helps with mental health.

What are some ways keeping bees improves the environment?

Keeping bees helps to improve the environment by providing important pollination services, promoting biodiversity, and increasing plant health. Additionally, beekeeping can help protect wild bee populations from decline due to habitat destruction and climate alteration.

Is backyard beekeeping hard?

Backyard beekeeping can vary in difficulty, depending on your level of knowledge and the amount of care you put into it. While not overly complicated, it does take dedication and commitment to ensure your bees remain healthy. With enough practice, even novice beekeepers can get the hang of it.

Where can I buy a honey bee hive?

You can purchase honey bee hives from online retailers and local beekeeping suppliers. Do your research to find the right hive for you and ensure it meets all necessary requirements for keeping bees.

What is the benefit of beekeeping?

Beekeeping offers environmental, economic, and therapeutic benefits. It promotes biodiversity, yields products like honey and beeswax, and can provide therapeutic relief for mental health issues.

What are 5 reasons why bees are important to humans and the environment?

  1. Pollination: Bees are crucial in pollinating plants that make up our food supply. Interested in helping out honey bees? Why not start a pollinator garden that attracts native pollinators?
  2. Biodiversity: They help maintain plant diversity by transferring pollen between flowers.
  3. Ecosystem Stability: Their pollination services contribute to ecosystem stability.
  4. Honey Production: Honey bees produce honey with various culinary and medicinal uses.
  5. Economic Value: Products from beekeeping groups have significant economic value, including honey, wax, propolis, beekeeping associations, and more.


In conclusion, beekeeping is the bee’s knees! Understanding their flight patterns, comb-building habits, and communication methods is mind-buzzing. Bees are the MVPs of pollination, which is crucial for our food supply.

Beekeeping also gives us sweet rewards like beeswax for skincare and honey for a tasty treat. And did you know beekeeping can be therapeutic and has several health benefits? Programs like Heroes to Hives help veterans with mindfulness techniques while participating in the beekeeping community.

So, let’s embrace the benefits of bee keeping and make our lives and planet buzz with joy!

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