The Best USA-Made Limited Ingredient Dog Treats


Discover my favorite US-made limited-ingredient dog treats! Quality dog treats from Frankly, Stella & Chewy's, Blue Buffalo, and more.

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I’m a dog lover, and I know that you are too. However, your pup deserves the best of the best when it comes to a dog’s digestive health. They’ll thank you later (or at least lick your hand). With Vík’s kidney disease, I am even more concerned about what packaged treats I bring into our home. Continue reading for my favorite US-made limited-ingredient dog treats!

I’ve always been a dog lover, but as I got older and started to pay more attention to what I eat myself, it was tough for me not to have the same standards for my dogs. I love making my own dog treats because they’re simple enough to do them, even for someone like me!

But sometimes, I want to “treat” my boys with something special from the store, which is why I also really enjoy buying quality made-in-the-USA brands such as Frankly, Stella & Chewy’s, Blue Buffalo, and other limited ingredients dog treat brands.

I know that dog food is just one small piece in the puzzle when it comes to raising your pet into an enjoyable companion – however, it’s sometimes tough because there are so many products out there with so many artificial flavors and extra preservatives- which can lead to allergies and other health risks.

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The Best USA-Made Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

You’re looking for something healthy to feed your pup but don’t want to sacrifice on taste? Well, then these limited ingredient USA-made treats are perfect for you! They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. And they’re made with only the best ingredients like beef liver, eggs, carrots, and apples – no artificial flavors or preservatives here!

Frankly Premium Beef Chips

These limited ingredient treats are 100% U.S.A Made to Certified Food Safety Standards. I love that these grain-free treats are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so close to our home. 

frankly dog chews

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Wild Weenies Dog Treats

Kenzo and Vík go wild for these grain free dog treats. Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies are made of 97% beef and organs. They are perfect for dogs with food sensitivities and can help support healthy digestion, strong teeth & gums, vibrant skin & coat, and stamina & vitality. Stella treats have no added hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients. If your dog is on a limited ingredient diet, these treats are perfect and offer high quality nutrition. 

Stella beef weenies dog treats

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Biscuits

I have these grain-free dog treats delivered monthly as an Amazon subscription. Our dogs love the Turkey variety of these grain-free biscuits. Kenzo loves the crunchy texture and I love that they are made of all-natural ingredients.

blue buffalo grain free treats

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Beef Heart Treats

One simple ingredient: 100% pure freeze-dried raw beef hearts. Made in the USA in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. They are gluten-free, grain-free, and poultry-free. Perfect for pets with food sensitivities and limited ingredient diets. Adding any amount of raw to your pet’s diet can help support healthy digestion, strong teeth & gums, vibrant skin & coat, and stamina & vitality.

beef hearts dog treats in red bag

Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Chews, 99% Digestive

Pet Factory Beefhide is a 100% made in USA product. Made from beef hides, these chews are totally natural and nutritious for your dog’s digestive system as they contain protein and fiber, which helps maintain their behavioral health too! These tasty treats make the perfect low-calorie snack that you can feel good about giving to your pup!

made in the USA beefhide treats

Raw Paws 100% Rabbit Dog Treats

Raw Paws dehydrated raw rabbit dog treats are made from just one ingredient: real rabbit meat for dogs, grain-free, and fully digestible! We partner with ethical USA family farms to ensure high-quality meat Rabbit bites.

These tasty snacks give your pup the lean protein they need while also providing essential amino acids for tissue repair and immunity. In addition, raw meats like rabbit provide vitamin B12, which helps maintain energy levels in our furry friends, so they’ll be able to stay healthy throughout their lifetime!

rabbit dog treats

Stewart Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Made in USA

Stewart cares about your dog’s health as much as you do. That is why we make our freeze-dried treats in the USA and use only USDA-certified ingredients from suppliers here too!

all natural Limited Ingredient Dog Treats beef liver

Sojos Simply Lamb Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

It’s not often that you find a company with such high standards and values as Simply Lamb. They are 100% committed to sourcing, and producing all-natural healthy pet treats ethically without any artificial ingredients or preservatives – just the best for your pup! These real meat treats are easy on a dog’s digestive system and do not have any corn fillers or artificial colors.

lamb dog treats

A BETTER TREAT – Freeze-Dried Salmon Dog Treats

Freeze-dried salmon are great high-value treats. They are non-greasy – perfect for training, as a food topper, or simply a heavenly reward. These high-protein treats are excellent for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, diabetes, or dietary requirements.

These treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and raw-diet approved. Wild Caught Salmon is shown to have 68% less saturated fat and avoids chemicals and antibiotics. 

salmon dog treats

Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Chews All-Natural Single Ingredient

Your dog doesn’t care what its food looks like. That’s why Wholesome Pride rescues the funny-looking, dented, too big, too small, and blemished sweet potatoes grocery stores deem too ugly to buy & display and turns them into these delicious sweet potatoes that actually aid a dog’s digestive system because they are high in fiber.

sweet potato dog treats

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