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Cloud Island Bandana Bib = Perfect Puppy Bandana: Thanks Target!!

The Fur & Houseplants

The Perfect Puppy Bandana is actually a baby bib!! I am absolutely obsessed with the Cloud Island brand now available at Target!!

I bought these Cloud Island Bandana Bibs for Vík and they are just perfect for so many reasons!

1) Looks so dang cool/cute!

2) Aiding in collecting the water that pours out of his mouth and trails throughout the house every time he takes a drink.

3) Easy to wash!

4) Inexpensive!

5) I love the minimalist patterns and black and white color scheme.

Cloud Island at Target makes hundreds of adorable necessities for your baby: blankets, bed sheets, plush toys and more!!

Isn’t Vík just the CUTEST in his bandana??

cloud island bandana bibcloud island bandana bib

P/C: Studio 29 Photography

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