Cute Houseplant Pots for Summer


I've scoured the internet and rounded up must-have planters that will add a touch of charm and greenery to any space.

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As the summer season approaches, it’s the perfect time to refresh and revamp your home decor. And what better way to do so than with some adorable houseplant planters? I’ve scoured the internet and rounded up must-have planters that will add a touch of charm and greenery to any space.

So whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting your indoor garden, keep reading for some cute and creative houseplant pot options. Let’s bring some life into our homes this summer!

9 Cute Houseplant Planters for Summer

DOIY Rodeo Boot Vase

This boot may not be made for walking, but it sure does make your fresh florals look extra whimsical. Crafted from ceramic, DOIY’s Rodeo Boot Vase features a boot silhouette with colorful daisies strewn throughout. I love this Cowboy boot silhouette vase with a kitschy Western take!

  • Size: Dimensions: 8.9″l x 2″w x 7.9″h

yellow rodeo boot vase

Cute Daisy Flower Pot

Great as an indoor or outdoor planter – this adorable gardening pot is sturdy due to its resin casting and water-resistant finish. It comes with a large drainage hole, a removable rubber plug, and protective pads to prevent scratching furniture.

  • Size: 4.92″ Diameter x 4.92″

blue daisy houseplant pot with plant

Areaware Strata Ceramic Plant Vessel

The Strata Plant Vessel is a ceramic planter composed with an array of layered and stacked shapes that naturally conceal the saucer in its form. Its design takes cues from Simone Brewster’s first jewelry collection and broader studio practice. By drawing upon a rich history of sculptural objects found in her heritage, she hopes to create designs that fill one’s space with a sense of self and individual power.

  • Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x
strata ceramic planter with plant

Cheetah Hanging Planter

Display your favorite plants in a fresh and whimsical new way with this hanging planter, rendered in the shape of a colorful cheetah.

  • Size: 5″H, 9″L, 3.5″W

adorable orange hanging cheetah planter

Adobe Rattan Planters

Adobe Planters are perfect for showcasing your favorite houseplant. The natural rattan adds warmth to your space and the basket in the floor standing planters can double as a stylish hamper.

west elm hanging rattan planters

Third Drawer Down Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter

The Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter is a creamy dreamy addition to any space, indoors or out and a unique and amazing housewarming gift! We want them in every room! And it works for both indoor and outdoor plants.

You might ask….why all the giant stuff? It all comes back to art. It always does. We’re inspired by artists such as Claes Oldenburg and his giant floor burger, and Jeff Koons’ puppy. These works of ‘gigantism’ are statements as much as they are sculptural. Our range of giant objects is a way of paying tribute to these artists and many other pop-art heroes, and also having fun with art, and allowing you to have fun with spaces!

  • Size: 14inch (h) x 7.8inch (opening for plant)

large ice cream cone houseplant planter

Trumpeting Elephant Pot

Bringing greenery indoors to instill a sense of tranquility in any environment. With an elegant elephant silhouette, this planter beautifully cradles your beloved houseplants!

elephants ceramic houseplant pots

Gohearin Ceramic Planter

Pair of two flower pots. Ideal for enhancing home or office decor, these flowerpots also make thoughtful gifts for family, friends, and colleagues!

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and designed to withstand various weather conditions. Enhance your living room or outdoor spaces like balconies, patios, or porches with these durable planters. Enjoy their beauty throughout the year, as they are crafted to endure intense sunlight and harsh winter temperatures.

Gohearin Ceramic Planter with snake plant

Vayu Planter

Matte ceramic tabletop planter with a clear glazed interior, suitable for a 6-inch potted plant and includes an optional drainage tray. Made in the USA. Terracotta stands out for its unique ability to breathe, with color development expected over time, which can be easily cleaned.

  • Size: 7.75″ W x 7.75″ H x 5″ D

vayu cereamic planter with philodendron plant


DOIY Rodeo Boot Vase, Areaware Strata Ceramic Plant Vessel, Third Drawer Down Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter, Vayu Planter, Adobe Rattan PlantersCheetah Hanging Planter, Gohearin Ceramic PlanterTrumpeting Elephant Pot

cute houseplant planters pots for summer

Bonus: Rattan Tiered Plant Stand

Need a cute place to put your cute planters? I love this plant stand!!

This looped rattan planter, featuring three panels, showcases your beloved small blooms and ferns in a fresh, boho style. Each panel has a hinging structure that folds in, and a platform at varying levels is provided for your selected planter. The design includes arched motifs at the top and base. It conveniently folds away into itself for effortless storage.

black Rattan 3 Tiered Plant Stand with plants

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