Daily Harvest Discount Code + All the Reasons We Love Daily Harvest


All the reasons I'm in love plus an exclusive discount code, just for you guys!! I am not sponsored by them in any way - I am just a huge fan and loyal customer.

You know I love something when I keep talking about it over and over and OVER. And Daily Harvest is one of those things. I know I kind of sound like a broken record on stories sometimes when I’m professing my love for them, but it’s just so real!! I am not sponsored by them in any way – I am just a huge fan and loyal customer.

We’ve been enjoying the smoothies, soups, and harvest bowls since the middle of 2019 and I don’t plan on quitting, basically ever. The Daily Harvest Smoothies and Soups are my favorite. And, Caleb really enjoys the Smoothies and the Harvest Bowls. Daily Harvest food tastes incredible, it takes all the planning and guesswork out of eating healthy. Having easy, tasty, and healthy meal options readily available in our freezer that I love is a Win-win win win WIN!!

Keep reading for all the reasons I’m in love plus an exclusive discount code, just for you guys!!

Daily Harvest Discount

If you wanna skip right to the discount and grab one of their tasty boxes, you can use this discount link and it will automatically take $25 off your order at final checkout!!

What Is Daily Harvest?

In case you’ve missed me fan girl-ing over Daily Harvest on Instagram, here’s the skinny on them!

I started ordering smoothies in 2019 and I’m still in love! Daily Harvest creates delicious and nourishing smoothies, soups, oats, lattes, and more. Their food is built on organic, thoughtfully sourced fruits and vegetables. You can choose from ready-to-blend smoothies, savory Harvest Bowls, hearty soups, and more! It’s so easy to make fruits and vegetables a part of your routine with Daily Harvest.

Here’s a list of my very FAVORITE items from Daily Harvest. It is cheapest to order 26 items, so, I ordered a few of each of these to my box. I order 11 of the Cherry + Almond one because it is my most favorite. I have enjoyed almost everything I’ve tried, but these are the ones I go back to over and over:

What I Order in My Box:

  1. Cauliflower + Leek Soup
  2. Dragon Fruit + Lychee
  3. Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote
  4. Tart Cherry + Raspberry
  5. Mint + Cacao
  6. Cold Brew + Cacao
  7. Cold Brew + Almond
  8. Cherry + Almond (THIS IS MY FAVORITE)
  9. Acai + Cherry
  10. Chai + Coconut
  11. Banana + Greens

daily harvest smoothies

Why I Love Daily Harvest 

The Food

The food is delicious. I’m not talking delicious for being “healthy food,” I’m talking straight up DELICIOUS. My whole life I’ve been under the impression that pre-made healthy food isn’t going to taste good. Daily Harvest is a total game-changer.

I’m Never Hungry

Really and truly, I was worried when I started buying from Daily Harvest that I was always going to be hungry and I’m never hungry!!

I used to be a huge snacker – and not healthy snacks – just straight carbs and no nutritional content at all.

Dessert, Please! 

Dessert is one of Caleb’s favorite things of life! I enjoy it every now and then, but we can have dessert every single night if we wanted because of Daily Harvest Scoops.

Daily Harvest Scoops are the most decadent, creamy frozen treat you’ve ever dreamed of. Dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream with no fake fillers, gums, or refined sugars.

There’s a Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote that I can’t get enough of! It’s so super delicious, you would never guess it is dairy-free and contains probiotics. It’s so tasty that I kept asking myself, how is this healthy?!

You’ve never had strawberry that tastes quite like this. This summer-y combo of fresh-picked strawberries, tart raspberries, and tropical dragon fruit is an antioxidant-rich swirly treat fresh enough to brighten anyone’s day. Alllll that plus gut-friendly probiotics helps keep your digestive system just as happy as your taste buds. – Daily Harvest

Are you part of the Daily Harvest Family?

Have you tried Daily Harvest yet? If you haven’t, you can automatically get $25 off your first order HERE. The $25 discount will come off automatically at the final checkout. If you’re already a member of the Daily Harvest family, tell me what your favorite thing to eat is!

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