Discover the Best Dog Hiking Trails in Wisconsin


Use my list of the best Wisconsin dog hikes locations for a fun day out with your best furry friend! 

Let’s be real; it can be a daunting, tedious task to find the best place to spend outdoors with your dog and allow the animal to explore its full potential. Nonetheless, there are some fantastic Wisconsin dog hiking trails that you can explore, and let your dog take pleasure in. Whether your dog likes to climb, swim, or just run around, we have you covered in our list below.

The Best Wisconsin Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

Are you looking for dog-friendly hiking trails in Wisconsin? If yes, read on for some fantastic recommendations. Use my list of the best Wisconsin dog hikes locations for a fun day out with your best furry friend!

1. Lake Kegonsa State Park

Get ready for some amazing water fun with your dog at the Kegonsa State Park. You also get dog-friendly hiking trails in Wisconsin right within the park.

The park covers over 342 acres; the pet-friendly park is a must-visit. Take time to try out other activities like hiking, camping, fishing, or even cross-country skiing.

2. Kettle Moraine State Forest

Does your little pooch like to swim or hike? You will find these facilities and so much more at Kettle Moraine State Forest. Your canine has two swimming areas, all to themselves. Take them for a deep at Whitewater Lake and Ottawa Lake. Don’t bother with carrying a towel. Let your dog dry off naturally with a hike at Scuppernong trails, John Muir, or Emma Carlin Trails.

Oh yeah, wear a sturdy pair of boots because you will need to keep up. Some Wisconsin dog hiking trails here can be pretty challenging.


3. Whitefish Dunes State Park

Whitefish Dunes State Park has fantastic Wisconsin dog hiking trails. It is in Sturgeon Bay and has 865 acres of hiking trails you can explore with your dog. What you will love is the diversity, including sand, water, and wildlife habitat. You also get tons of sea caves to explore, making it a fun day out for your pooch and you. Take the time to find out the areas that may be off-limits to family pets. You must also keep your dog on a leash at all times.

4. Kohler Andrae State Park

Kohler Andrae State Park makes it to our list of Wisconsin dog hikes locations to check out. The amount of beauty around will be worth every minute you spend outdoors. Let your dog explore the white Pine forest and dunes at the Sunderland nature center. Here you will find a designated dog beach.

Let your dog run to its heart content at the Black River hiking Trail. There is a lot to see and experience at the State Park. It is, definitely, one of the best dog-friendly hiking trails in Wisconsin.

5. Hank Aaron State Trail

The Hank Aaron State Trail is a great opportunity to experience the history of Milwaukee, popular scenery, and enjoyable physical activity. The trail was named in honor of Milwaukee’s famous baseball player Hank Aaron, which is fitting as part of the trail passes by Miller Park and ends at Blue Mound Road in Elm Grove. Many more beautiful views can be seen along the 13.5-mile trail. Some of the trails even travel along Lake Michigan. Wheelchairs, strollers, walkers, runners, cyclists, and canine friends all are welcome on this popular Milwaukee trail.

6. Lion’s Den Trail

Located about 20 miles outside of Milwaukee is a 3-mile loop of hills and cliffs which makes up the Lion’s Den trail. The highlight of this trail is the stunning views of Lake Michigan that are offered along the way. For those who normally hike with a stroller, be warned that there are some stairs on this trail. Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners.

Dog friendly hiking trails in Wisconsin



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