Dog Camping Gear – 6 Things Your Dog Will Thank You For 


By following this handy list, you won't forget the little extras that your dog needs in order to be safe, happy, and ready for the camping trip of its life.

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You’ve got your tent, your backpack, sleeping bag, all the camping essentials. You’re ready for a new adventure, but is your dog? If you’re bringing your furry friend along, there are a few things you’re going to need to add to your list. 

After all, you want them to be safe and comfortable. Here’s some of the gear your dog will thank you for packing on your camping trip.

#1 First Aid Kit 

This is pretty important because you never know when you might need to patch up even the most minor injuries. You probably have a first aid kit for yourself, but what about your dog? Here are some of the basics that should be in your doggy first aid kit:

  • Gauze
  • Vet Wrap
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Non-stick Pads
  • Medical Tape
  • Gloves
  • Dog-safe antihistamines 
  • Eye Dropper or Oral Syringe
  • Styptic Powder
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Tweezers
  • Heat and Cold Packs
  • Treats (for being good while patched up)

#2 Dog Hiking Backpack 

When you go hiking you usually have a backpack, so why does your dog need one? The thing is, your dog has essentials too. A backpack for your pup can be used to store things like treats, dog food, portable bowls, and even a little first aid kit. You can also slip a couple of toys in for entertainment. 

Some of them even have built-in poo bag holders so that they are always accessible when you need them. It’s really handy to have, and it also means that if you need something for your dog urgently, it’s on-hand. 

I like this one: OneTigris Dog Backpack for Hiking Nylon Dog Harness Backpack with Side Pockets for Large Dog.

#3 GPS Dog Tracker 

When you are in an unfamiliar place it can be an exciting new chapter for you and your dog. However, all the new smells and little creatures to chase can cause even the most well-behaved pup to wander from the path in pursuit of something exciting. 

Having a GPS dog tracker means that you can keep an eye on where they are, and if they do end up getting lost you can locate them quickly. Many of them tend to have an excellent range and battery life, ensuring that you always know where they are. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

#4 Long Leash or Pen

Dogs are often on their best behavior at the campsite, but it’s important that we keep them safe. Having a long leash means that you can give them free rein while also ensuring that they don’t wander too far and potentially bother other campers. 

Similarly, a pen can be a great addition to any campsite because it keeps them contained when you are outside together, but also makes it a little harder for anyone to get to them or for them to escape. 

A lot of pens can also be adjusted to suit your needs, so you can create an outdoor area around the entrance of your tent so that your dog can pee in the night or just get a little fresh air while you are relaxing inside. 

#5 Dog Tent 

This isn’t just some goofy novelty that you use for photographs, it’s also got practical use. It’s not for sleeping in at night (that’s not necessarily safe) but for escaping the sun during summer camping sessions. When it gets hot, your dog is at risk of suffering from heatstroke without the shade, just like you. 

Giving them a nice and cool retreat is the perfect way to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Even better is that when the sun goes down and it starts to get a little chilly, they also have a warm place to snuggle up while everyone is sitting around the fire. A dog tent like this one is small, portable, and something they will thank you for. 

#6 ID Tags 

It’s pretty important to make sure that your dog is wearing ID tags at all times during a camping trip. You never know what might happen, and if someone finds them they need to be able to call you or at least prove that the dog is owned by someone. 

They aren’t expensive to have made, and all you really need is your name, number, and address. It’s advised that you don’t put your dog’s name on the tag because it makes it easier for people to try and claim them as their own. Unlikely? Yes. But it happens, and you don’t want it to happen to you. 

Going camping with your dog is an unforgettable experience and one that makes the bonds between you stronger than ever. However, you need to make sure you are prepared for your next trip so that both you and your dog can have the best possible time together. 

By following this handy list, you won’t forget the little extras that your dog needs in order to be safe, happy, and ready for the trip of its life. 

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