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Easy to care for hanging houseplants!

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Are you getting the urge to get more houseplants?!? Good news! Any time is the perfect time to get a hanging houseplant! If you are running out of shelf space and floor space from all your planters, hanging your plants is a fantastic solution!

Today, I am sharing the best hanging houseplants that are easy to care for and beautiful!

Your hanging houseplants will elevate your home or office space while adding that greenery you’ve been missing!

These Hanging Houseplants will make you love that corner more than you ever thought you could!

I have a few hanging plants in my sunroom and we are working on adding some to the bathrooms, bedroom, and at my photography studio.

Some of my favorite houseplants are perfect for indoor hanging plants. My recommendations for Hanging Houseplants include the Spider Plant, Spiderwort (I love the pink variety), String of Pearls, Kangaroo Fern, Stonecrop Sedum ‘Angelina’, N-Joy Pothos.

If you scroll to the bottom I have included links to purchase along with an image of each easy indoor hanging plant.


The Best Hanging Houseplants

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum,Green or variegated, spider plants love spring too. Start with a small plant in a 6-inch basket, add water and morning sun and watch in amazement. These are some of the easiest to care for hanging houseplant specimens, adaptable to a range of conditions. Feed after watering with a complete houseplant food or one high in nitrogen. In a couple of months, you’ll have stems holding babies spilling over the sides. This plant looks elegant hanging in an indoor window. Bonus! Baby plantlets can be removed & put into more planters!



Tradescantia zebrina, also known as Wandering Dude or the Spiderwort will quickly fill your hanging planter and cascade over the sides. This hanging houseplant comes in a range of greens, pinks, and purples. If you live in Florida or California, it will grow rapidly, because it thrives in warm clients. This hanging houseplant will grow tiny pink blooms that only last a daywhen located in the morning sun, but will also be happy in partial shade. The Spiderwort is easy to care for houseplant but will grow well outside in spring as well.


String of Pearls

This is one of the most popular hanging succulents. The String of Pearls is a member of the senecio family. It loves the sunshine and we have ours in our south-facing bay window. It is a slow-growing plant, but it can grow to several feet long. Bonus!! This plant is easy to propagate!



Kangaroo Fern

The Kangaroo Fern has frilly leaves that can add a delicate texture to your houseplant collection. Kangaroo paw ferns (Microsorum diversifolium) are native to Australia. The scientific name is referring to the leaf forms on the plant; some leaves are full, while mature leaves have deep indentations. You can read more at Gardening Know How.



Stonecrop Sedum ‘Angelina’

Sedum rupestre is beautiful, bright green foliage will quickly fill the spring planted hanging basket. All ground cover sedums grow happily in hanging baskets, both indoors and outside. While they might die back in winter, they will return in spring as they are perennial plants. Starting from seeds is less expensive.



N-Joy Pothos

N-Joy Pothos(aspecific variety of Pothos)

Has smaller leaves than standard Pothos Plants. They are also unique in coloring because they are white & green rather than being completely green, like Devil’s Ivy. They grow rather slowly, but they look beautiful in a hanging planter. They are extremely versatile, love humidity, and require no special care; Pothos plants tolerate low light, but grow well in all types, and prefer moist soil.

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Indoor Hanging Plant Care Tips

  • Moisten well-draining potting mix and fill 3/4 to the top of your hanging planter.
  • When growing from seed, keep the soil moist.
  • Avoid the direct sun until plants are growing well.
  • Water young plants regularly. Always feed into moist soil.
  • Gradually acclimate all plants to a full sun atmosphere, if needed.

My List of the Best Indoor Hanging Houseplants

  1. Spider Plant
  2. Spiderwart (Wandering Jew)
  3. String of Pearls
  4. Kangaroo Fern
  5. Stonecrop Sedum ‘Angelina’
  6. N-Joy Pothos

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