Easy Salads for Summer Lunches


Summer salad season is just around the corner! I cannot wait to be enjoying these easy salads for summer lunches.

Summer salad season is just around the corner! I cannot wait to be enjoying these easy salads for summer lunches.

Packing a lunch for work every day is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re eating healthy and saving money. Salads are probably one of the easiest options for easy summer lunches. I always hate it when I am so rushed that I end up going out for a salad and spending way more than I would have if I had just taken the time to make it myself. It probably would have tasted better too! 

I spend far too much time trying to find recipes and I always go down a deep rabbit hole on Pinterest, so I decided to do a round-up for easy salads for summer lunches.

These delicious & easy salad recipes are perfect for an easy summer lunch!

Bright Spring Green Salad by Love and Lemons:This bright spring salad is a great vegetarian dinner side or lunch! Full of green veggies, soft mozzarella & fresh herbs, it’s easy, delicious & make-ahead friendly.

Grilled Peach Salad with Curry Pecans by The Endless Meals: Grilled Peach Salad is the ultimate spring side dish recipe. The peaches are grilled until smoky and extra sweet and served with arugula, blueberries, candied curry pecans, and a honey vinaigrette.

Strawberry Salad with Goat Cheese, Grilled Chicken & Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette by Plays Well With Butter: This strawberry salad is loaded with sweet strawberries & blueberries, tangy goat cheese, chopped almonds, farro, and gets topped with simple grilled chicken breast and drizzles of the most amazing homemade maple balsamic vinaigrette.

BLT Pasta with Avocado by Foodie Crush: This easy, creamy BLT pasta salad recipe is loaded with healthy tomatoes, arugula, and avocado, plus crispy bacon that€™s all topped with a super simple-to-make Ranch-style dressing made with mayo and Greek yogurt.

Best Easy Italian Pasta Salad by Pinch of Yum: Just a quality classic pasta salad situation that you can be proud to bring to the party.

Caprese Salad Platter by Me (House Fur): I love the idea of serving dinner on a giant platter rather than using individual plates & for this Caprese Salad, it worked brilliantly!

easy salads for summer lunches
Easy Summer Caprese Salad by House Fur

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