December 3, 2017

My Favorite Dog Training Books


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A few years ago I was completely obsessed with everything Cesar Millan. I read his online material and read every single one of his books, but recently I’ve been just sharing the knowledge from these amazing women to everyone I know…

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

**MY FAVORITE** I listened to this book via Audible, and I love being able to go back and re listen to her thoughts on different subjects. I love how personable the book is. Jean Donaldson’s book explains why your dog behaves the way he does along with detailed instructions on training specifics. She is very good at translating dog behavior into a real-life human scenario in order to make it easier to understand. I loved this book!

I love this book. I love the tone, the content, the length, and everything I’ve learned from it.  Despite its name, is not just for dog training. The book covers training techniques that can work on people and other animals as well.

I listened to this via Audible and was hooked almost immediately. I like that her book was as informational & straight-forward as her blog: I like this book because it makes you think about how a dog will interpret your behavior – everything from our posture, to our breathing patterns, and even our eye contact. PS: She was an Adjunct Professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

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