Finding Your Brand Voice (and Why it’s so Important)


Having a specific brand voice makes your company identifiable and stands apart from all the others in your industry. Consumers look for brands they can recognize. So, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I become a brand that customers recognize? What is my brand voice? Why is it important? How do I implement it in my business?”

I’ll try to answer all your questions about Finding Your Brand Voice (and Why it’s so Important).


What is a Brand Voice?

A brand voice is manifested through the intentional consistent use of key phrases and expressions that set the tone of your company, further relating it to your audiences. Your brand voice also serves as the foundation of your marketing strategy. How you define yourself as a company will have a huge impact on how to plan to advertise, especially in terms of written advertisements.


Finding Your Brand Voice

The more engaged you are in the process of finding your brand voice, the easier it will be to truly capture the image you have in your head.


Honing in on Your Brand Voice

The first step in honing in on your brand voice is defining it in the very first place. Take a step back and really think about your brand – what demographic are you trying to appeal to? What represents your values as a business owner?

Try narrowing down your ideas to three words that you feel best represent the style of your brand.

PRO TIP! The best way (I’ve found) to make sure I am using the words your customers use is to keep a file of things your audience actually says — emails you receive, comments on your blog, online reviews, or thank you notes we have received after providing our clients with a specific service. I always think about how I can mimic their voice back to them? It is important to figure out how your particular niche wants to have a marketing conversation with you. Remember to speak to them, not at them.

Really Get to Know Your Audience

Really engage with the market and get to know your audiences. What can they relate to? What are they looking for in a business like yours? Your brand is the face of your company. It is defined by your aesthetic and tone. Finding your brand voice boils down to creating a balance between appealing to your key demographic, as well as staying true to who you are as the business owner.


Get Creative

Once you’ve got a solid understanding of your image and how it relates to your target market, don’t hold back. Get creative. Craft a visual identity that’s unique and reflects your brand‘s voice. Figure out how you are going to differentiate yourself from competitors. If you’re just trying to solve a problem for people, giving them a how-to or a step-by-step solution might be useful, but it’s not branded. It has no voice, and no soul. If, on the other hand, you’re just talking about your personal experiences, that’s journaling, which is not going to sell for your business. The power comes when you combine the two. Then you become not only helpful and interesting, but also unique.


Stay Engaged

Continue to interact with your audiences and potential leads. Are they perceiving it as you had intended? Do they feel connected to your brand? Keep in mind how they receive the company when going forward with your marketing. Use these considerations to evolve the voice of your brand over time.


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Your brand is the face of your company. It is how you are defined and received by the rest of the world, including both consumers and fellow competitors. Finding your brand voice is a matter of figuring out the tone you are going for and how it relates to your key demographic. Get to know your target market, get creative, and stay engaged.

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