For Beginners! 5 Helpful Tips for Marketing your E-book

Look at YOU!! Congrats!! You’ve finished your ebook and are ready to take the next step!
It doesn’t matter if your end goal is to sell a million copies or just to get your work recognised, you’re going to need a plan.
With so many ebooks saturating the market, a strategy to push yours into the spotlight is crucial. 
Take some time to congratulate yourself, you’ve written the book. All you need now is to connect to your readers. 

how to market your ebook

My Five Helpful Tips to Market Your E-Book


Go Digital 

Thanks to technology, publication has never been so easy. The same technology has also made creating an online presence easier than ever before. 
To start marketing your book, make sure you have an online home. Create a website and social media pages. Whatever ways you decide to approach your marketing campaign, everything needs to be linked back to your digital home. 
Websites are a huge investment in the future of your ebook. Invest some time into creating one that is professional and functional. This doesn’t always mean forking out huge amounts of cash. Companies such as Squarespace offer all-in-one platforms with easy to use interfaces. Allowing you to make building a beautiful online presence easy. 
If a website simply cannot fit into the budget, social media can go a long way. Using Facebook to increase interest in your ebook can be incredibly successful. At the end of the day, all you need is a base for you other marketing avenues to lead into, creating a tidy and interlinked online presence. If you are having trouble with your budget see if you could save money on your internet provider. Every penny counts!

Consider a Blog

Now that you have your online home, the next step is to acquire some guests. Blogging can take some time, but it can be a great way to bring people to your site. Blogging can also be a great way to keep up your writing regularly. Think of it as practice!
With your blog linked to your website, the more traffic, the better the chances are of your ebook taking off. Best of all the blog doesn’t need to cost you a dime. Companies like WordPress offer free services to make starting your blog as simple as finding something to write about. 
Try to keep the topics of your book and blog related. This will help bring the most relevant people into your online corner while also providing them with exposure to your writing. There are some great online articles with helpful tips on creating a professional blog

Build the Excitement

Just because you’ve written your book doesn’t mean you should make it available right away. If you have a website linked to a blog with modest traffic, a landing page with the release date can be effective. This helps to build some hype surrounding the book. Taking the time to build excitement allows you to continue creating and developing your marketing strategy. 

Give It Away

Marketing your ebook is all about getting it into the hands of as many people as possible. If you are a new writer considering giving the book away for free can be a valuable strategy in the early days of both your career and your book. 
The book doesn’t always have to be free. Consider a free 100 copies on the day of release or a chance to win a copy on signing up to the email list. If you’re not willing to give away the book in its entirety, consider offering up a chapter so readers can sample your work. 

Connect with Influencers

Influencers are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing to start promoting. Find influencers that can relate to your e-book and simply reach out online. Consider affiliate marketing. You can reward influencers each time someone purchases your book using their link or affiliate code. 
Hosting a conferencecan be a great way to get people involved in influencing and affiliate marketing. Send out a large number of invites, and you may be surprised how many people accept.
A successful marketing campaign needs a lot of creativity and perseverance. This article provides a starting point, but it is up to you, the author, to do what works best for you. The book has been written, now it’s time to get it the limelight it deserves!
Author Bio:
As a freelance writer, Maia Fletcher holds a high appreciation for technology, and it has helped her do what she loves within the comforts of her own home – reading and writing. She has penned articles for various blogs, businesses, including transportation site Keith Andrews. See more of Maia’s published works Here.
how to market your ebook

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